Hello guys! As u all know i wrote earlier about being without social media for three weeks just to know how it feels. It feels actually quite good. I mean it’s not that i’m super addicted to it and need help but i do look at pictures and updates often and that is not good.

So while i had my “alone time” i realized that:

You don’t need it as much as u think

Don’t update all the time. If you update the most imortant things in life you will get more satisfied and less annoying😝

Be private. Don’t update everything you do because u can’t simply trust the internet!

Spend more time with your closest than with your iPhone. It’s sad sometimes seeing people glued to their iPhones. It scares me sometimes.

Know your friends. If Someone only asks or writes to you only by FB. They are not a true friend. Use the phone and call, how hard could it be?

Find peace. People sometimes compares themselvs to others through social media and that is so sad.

That is everything i had to say for now. More updates about this topic soon!




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